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Introducing 'The DNE Way': an initiative dedicated to prioritizing mental health within the civil construction and trucking industries, while also reaching out to communities and young people to support their well-being.

At DNE , we recognise the importance of mental health and are committed to creating a supportive environment for our employees and the broader community. Through the DNE Way, we are launching programs and partnerships that address mental health challenges, promote resilience, and foster a culture of care and support. By investing in the well-being of our generation and the next, we aim to build stronger, healthier change for all. Join us in making a difference.

Look out for our newest addition The DNE water truck, we would like to thank Roar Images for the wrap and Matt Lambert for the design of our 'Mindset is everything.' logo. The water truck will be making its way around different projects and sites. DNE will be donating a percentage of profits from the water truck to mental health non for profits.

Please reach out for sponsorships opportunities and other opportunities under the DNE Way banner via

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